Monday, June 19, 2017


6" x 6"
If you are an artist, do you find yourself buying vegetables and fruit not because you're planning to eat them but because you loved the color or shape and wanted to paint it? I loved these organic radishes for their variety of color. They were perfect looking on display. When I brought them home and put on my still life shelf, the bunch didn't look as shiny as in the store. I found a quick fix for it - a spray bottle of water...
It was exciting to see the variety of green in the leaves. I think it was my favorite part.

Friday, June 16, 2017

In the Forest

In the Forest
oil on panel
It is good to be challenged. I don't paint in the forest very often. Ocean scenes have been my preferred subject maybe because of familiarity. I like hiking and wish I did it more often. My friend and I went painting outdoors, and he suggested we paint in the forest. We went to a couple of places before we settled at this particular location. It felt very good to be reunited with the woods. It smells amazing...
I liked the light and shadow on the path. Because I almost never paint in the woods, I was intimidated by the amount of trees and bushes, however reminded myself to think about shapes, values, colors and edges. And I did. It was a wonderful experience to paint something new.