Monday, May 1, 2017

30 days of painting Day 27

White Daffodils
10" x 10"
I think it is my largest painting in that challenge. The funny thing that I didn't think how much more time it takes. My two-year-old daughter usually takes 2-hour naps. It is usually enough time to find something to paint, set it up, paint and clean up, all together to finish a 6" x 6" painting. 10" x 10", I learned today, takes longer to paint.
The daffodils that grow in my backyard are not traditional if I may say so. They remind me of a rose. And painting roses doesn't come easily to me.
My kid woke up when I almost was done, she wanted to join me paint. So I gave her kids paints and a brush and two of us were painting for a while. It was nice...
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