Thursday, April 13, 2017

30 days of painting Day 9

Pink and Red
6" x 6"
I love my friends. There are amazing interesting people. So one of them works for a garbage company. One day he gave me at least 4 bags full of flower bulbs and told they needed to be planted immediately... That's how I got started on my garden. I've been living in my house for a year and a half and was just thinking to do something with my yard. It's been neglected for a while. I did plant them. And this spring I got flowers! My first flowers! That made me so happy. Every day seeing them open up and close is amazing. I know small things in life make us happy :)

Just the other day another friend came to visit us with her two-year-old adorable boy. I was nice and sunny, so we all went outside and while my friend and I were sharing our parenting experiences/venting, the little boy decided to pick my two flowers. That made me very sad at first. What can you do? I took them and put in water. I liked the color combination and instantly thought they would make a great painting subject. It all works out at the end. Thanks, Gunnar, my little friend! :)

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