Wednesday, April 12, 2017

30 days of painting Day 8

Three Pears
6" x 6"
Day 8. When I started the challenge, I thought "that'll be totally doable". I often overestimate my abilities and don't take some things into consideration like getting down with a cold, or my two-year-old staying home because she puked a day before, and the daycare sending us home because they have a 24-hour-policy (no, I didn't study the policy) after a child vomiting. What I'm trying to say, some days I just don't feel like painting and some days I feel like painting something very-very familiar, something that I know will turn out ok. Pears, thank you for providing the level of comfort that a single-mom/artist/housekeeper/accountant/gardener/landscaper/nonstophomestufffixer sometimes needs. I love you, pears!

P.S. I have to be honest with you, some days I paint more than one painting just in case I need a break :)
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