Tuesday, April 25, 2017

30 days of painting Day 21

8" x 10"
I was born in Russia. Now I live in a small town by the ocean in Oregon, and there are no Russian stores here. Bigger towns and cities usually have several stores for people missing their home. I adjusted well to my new home, so I don't cook borscht and piroshki very often and totally ok eating local food.

Yesterday my daughter and I happened to be near a European store I once went to. One thing I sometimes miss is herring. You can buy marinated one in a store here in town, but it is not the same. The real thing is just salted fish, the whole thing. When you come to a Russian store you have to ask if they have herring in a bucket. That's the one I'm talking about. So that store had only one left. Of course, I bought it. They also bake bread there. It still was warm. That's what my still life is about today.

FYI Selyodochka is herring in Russian :)

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