Wednesday, April 19, 2017

30 Days of Painting Day 15

Siletz Bay
8" x 8"
I have been enjoying looking at pictures of my friends and other interesting people on Instagram.

There are a couple of places around here I wanted to paint. When I drive my car I see some amazing views and think I should come paint plein air here sometimes. When that day comes, here I am with my car parked and painting supply, and for some reason that amazing view I saw the other day from my car is gone. It happens over and over. I couldn't get why.

Back to Instagram, my friend Gretchen posted that amazing view of the bay, the one that I had seen from my car but never could capture. I asked if I can use it as my reference and received her permission with a condition I would show the result. Again breaking the rules to never use somebody else's pictures. O well.

Later Gretchen told me that picture was taken on her 24-mile bike ride. I think Mother Nature opens up to those who slows down and becomes fully present...

Photo by Gretchen Ammerman

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