Wednesday, April 5, 2017

30 days of painting CHALLENGE Day 1

Pink Rose
9" x 12"
Hello my lovely neglected blog and my dear reader, I've missed you so much! Thank you so much for checking on me. I'm finally back. You know I've been painting and posting my images on Instagram and Facebook. It seemed faster and not as time-consuming. When you are an active single mom, your time is limited. I learned that Blogger is a very useful tool. I used it so many times to find titles, dates, and places I went to. Starting blogging again was on my to-do list for a while. It makes me happy I finally found time.

I decided to challenge myself again with 30 days of painting and see what happens. I did it twice and really enjoyed the outcome. I let myself to be free to paint anything I want, any format. I'm planning to post all the images no matter if I like it or not. Every day. Wow. Quite a commitment!

Today for my first day I painted with a different brush. Normally I use bristle brushed today I gave a synthetic one a try. I noticed it doesn't hold as much paint as the bristle brush does and creates an interesting effect. You can see I enjoyed painting those grays around the flower...
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