Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sunflowers and Green Apples

Sunflowers and Green Apples
10" x 8"
oil on panel
I went with my friend Kirk to a winery in Salem for a late lunch. I didn't regret driving for an hour to that place. It was worth it. Beautiful location and food outside in a beautiful settings. Weather was great also. It was warm. It is something I miss sometimes living by the ocean. It never gets very warm here.

When I was loading my 18-month-old into the car I noticed an apple tree. I asked the owner if she wouldn't mind me getting a couple apples for a still life. She was happy to give me more than I needed...

I like painting flowers, especially sunflowers. In this still life I focused on getting the essence of the subjects without overworking them. I limited my time to an hour and a half which helps to keep my paintings fresh. It is very hard to put my brushed aside when the timer goes off.. I'm pleased with the result. Even that the flowers don't have much information, they read well I think. Also I like a little gaps in the leaves showing background color.
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