Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last Tulips

"Last Tulips"
oil, 8" x 10"
not for sale
It's been a year since I posted last time. A lot had happened since then. I had a baby in January. It's a girl. Her name is Alexandra and I am in love. When the baby was two months old, my husband died in a car accident during his daily commute to work. It's been not easy for us. Thanks to many friends and family we are ok. There are amazing people around us...

This painting was painted the night before the accident. Dave, my husband, was watching our baby after work while I was painting. He always brought me flowers. Every time different ones. His favorites were tulips. That day he brought home red tulips. It hurts thinking that he never will come home carrying a bouquet. But this painting will always remind me of him. Art is powerful. It means so much to be able to capture a moment of life...   

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