Thursday, November 14, 2013

Figure Drawings

Lately I've been working on keeping my paintings loose and free. I discovered a couple of wonderful tools such as Sumi brush, ink, reed pen. The top drawing to the left was made with a Conte crayon. The second with gel pen and ink wash, next to it - crayon (I focused on drawing "negative space"). Below to the left - ink wash and gel pen and next to it - reed pen and sumi brush.

It is so much fun working with this wonderful tools. Actually my interest in Sumi-e started it all. I watched a couple of demos of Japanese masters and was amazed how controlled and meaningful each stroke was. Sumi-e captures the essence of an object in the fewest possible strokes(!).Your posture and breathing are the key. Breathing is as important as in martial arts or zen mediation. Amazing, isn't it?
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