Sunday, October 6, 2013

Get Away and Plein Air Paint

"South Beach Get Away" 8" x 10" oil on panel
I looked back at my file with recent paintings and found out that I spent the entire summer in my studio. It is absolutely not ok, if you live at the Coast, especially if it is nice out. Summer is over but the Oregon Coast is known for its great weather in September and October. I quickly packed my plein air supplies, took camera and jumped in a car. I knew that it didn't matter where to go. All I needed was to get away from the town and my studio. I usually take my dog with but this time I wanted to be alone, so Ivan had to stay home. Believe it or not I found a beach where I had never been before. And it is only 40 minutes away!
I enjoyed everything about it: great view, sand, grass, sunshine, sunset, painting process...
I'm so lucky that I live here! And on the way back I stopped at a small seafood restaurant-store where I had the freshest oysters.
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