Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Salem Art Fair and Festival

A friend of mine recommended me to apply for this fair in Salem and I did. And the jury accepted me.

My Booth at Salem Art Fair and Festival

It was an amazing experience. I probably will sound too emotional to the artists that show at art fairs all the time but you have to realize that it was my first big one.I loved it! I mean I loved to interact with my collectors directly, and it was nice to hear people's comments and suggestions. I met a couple of artists that I hope to paint together sometime. I learned so much about myself and my work. For instance I know that I paint still lifes to study color. I can combine different objects and see how their colors affect each other...

I sold most of my work and that wasn't the most exciting part. I met lots of people who love art and appreciate artists. My work is now represented by Bush Barn Art Center. What more could one ask for?
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