Friday, June 14, 2013

30-Day-Painting Challenge - Day 14

"Apples and Metal"
6" x 6"
oil on gessobord

I bought this metal gravy-boat in a thrift shop a couple of months ago and just couldn't find a composition to use it in.

Today in my studio I thought that dark red color of the apples would look interesting with teal paper that I use in my set ups, but it needed something else. It couldn't be anything colorful, so the boat was perfect!

I loved painting those shapes of reflection. There is also no metal color as I found out. Metal is very reflective, so I just needed to see how surrounding colors change their intensity in the reflection...

P.S. I made little changes to my blog. Finally! I was thinking about it for a while. After visiting other artists blogs and researching what they have made, I created a header, made font bigger,  removed a couple of options. I hope it will be easier to read it now..
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