Friday, May 17, 2013


"Lilac and Oranges"
10" x 8"
oil on canvas panel

It seems to me that many artists painted lilac (Manet, Levitan, Korovin etc.), and now I know why. First it has very beautiful flowers, second its magical fragrance, third its heart-shaped leaves, forth and the most important - you only can enjoy it once a year. So I knew I had to hurry and paint it while it lasted.

A couple of days ago I mentioned to my husband that I was looking for lilac, and he took it very seriously. He went to several nurseries, tried to find a wild tree, and even knocked on somebody's door and asked if they would sell a limb or two (understandably people didn't want to cut their tree) and no luck. I almost gave up on the idea when the other day my husband brought home two big branches of two different colors - white and purple. It was a wonderful surprise. It turned out his friend's mom wanted to trim her lilac tree and was happy when my husband offered to do that.

I grew up in Russia and when I was a child I used to look for five-petal-lilac flower to eat it for good luck... So I wonder if I could find one. And I did:

I am not sure I will eat it but I hope it will bring good luck to anybody who sees it...
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